About Us


Puffer Reds the Street-Level Taste Masters of Urban Style 

Company Vision
Puffer Reds is a one-stop shopping center for the fashion conscious consumer who desires style and quality brands from the leading fashion aficionados.

Company Objective
For 30 years Puffer Reds has been a leading fashion outlet for trend-setters providing a wide selection of the hottest brand-name fashions, exclusive shoes, hard-to-find media and must-have accessories. Puffer Reds is an iconic lifestyle store whose goal is to be the Street-Level Taste Masters of Urban Style.

Company Achievements
Established in December 1979, by Eric Williams, it has become a well-known entertainment, clothing, and accessory enterprise. Due to Eric’s vision in understanding the impact of the music and fashion industries and the demand for brands reflecting the consumer lifestyle, Puffer Reds has grown from a record shop into one of the first, one-stop, shopping center, music listening, fashion conscious retailer.

During its 30 + years of existence, Puffer Reds has welcomed numerous celebrities—including Chauncey Billups, Day 26, MC Breed, Notorious B.I.G, Master P, Too-Short, Jada Kiss, and Keri Hilson —and countless others, as well as, its dedicated customers whom have graced our store. Through the years, we’ve stayed true to our roots and dedicated to the community that supports independent stores like ours. Other recognition’s of Puffer Reds success in reaching its consumers: 2008, Adidas chose Puffer Reds as a partner for celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Adidas Forum by designing a personalized Puffer Reds shoe with the store logo and name printed on it. Puffer Reds is one of four stores in the nation to be chosen for this huge event. 2007, Nike created an Air Force One Door to display limited edition shoes. Puffer Reds was the only store in Michigan and one of twenty-four in the nation that was given this honor.

Corporate Commitment
By continuing to have an ear to the streets and pledging a commitment to the community, Puffer Reds will maintain an elite status that many stores are trying hard to compete with. Thanks for all the love to our dedicated customers!

 Our Brands

  Brand Jordan
  Cole Haan
  Champion Super Fleece
  Creative Recreation
  Crooks & Castles
  Cult of Individuality

  Kenneth Cole
  La Coste
  Levis Strauss & Co
  Marc Buchanan Leathers
  Mek Denim
  New Era
  Polo Ralph Lauren

  Rivet De Cru Denim
  Rock Revival
  Schott Leathers
  Sean John
  Stall & Dean
  & Still Growing!

Our Location Puffer Reds is the exclusive destination for all your fashion demands. Located on the main strip in downtownYpsilanti,Michigan, Puffer Reds stocks a wide-range of all the hottest brand-name fashions, exclusive shoes, hard-to-find media and must-have accessories. We carry clothing and accessories for men, women, big-and-tall and plus sizes, as well as shoes for the whole family. Store Hours: Monday -Saturday 10am-8pm.


Contact Us:

Puffer Reds
113 West Michigan Avenue
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197


 Jus’ Shooz by Puffer Reds
35002 West Michigan Avenue
Wayne, Michigan 48184